Abortion Is About God:
Reframing a Moral Issue

Public Square Series

Abortion Is About God: Reframing a Moral Issue†is a six-week Sunday School curriculum advancing the truth that the deepest evil of abortion is that it defies Godís supremacy over life in the womb. The course will aim to provide a biblical and theological foundation for the pro-life cause. Moreover, the course will aim to bring a God-centered perspective to bear on this contested issue. In addition to asserting that abortion is fundamentally an offense to the glory of the Creator, the curriculum will celebrate the sovereignty of God over all of life, will lift up the good gifts of children and parenthood, and will proclaim the mercy freely offered to all through the gospel. Students will gain a deeper understanding of this issue by closely examining key biblical passages, answering provocative questions, and considering sermons and writings from the ministry of John Piper. It is our prayer that this course would be used by God to awaken the church afresh to the horror of abortion as a belittling of the glory of God and an assault on those made in His image.

  • Course Length: 6 weeks
  • Suggested Class Time: 1 hour/week
  • Homework: ~1 hour/week
  • Included Resource:
    • Why Pro-Life?, Alcorn

View a sample lesson from the Student Workbook.

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